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 The last couple of years have seen me working with my daughter writing and recording our original songs.  It is by far the most rewarding thing that I have ever done musically.  In 2012, when my daughter was 6, we released our first two song CD titled Railey and The Wrinkles.  In 2014 we released our second CD, Truth Girl.  Truth Girl is a concept created by my daughter after seeing the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts  Club Band by The Beatles.  Her idea was to create an alternate identity, like The Beatles did as SPLHB, and do the title track in character.  Railey created a pre-teen superhero whose superpower is the touch of truth.  No one can lie to Truth Girl and if you feel someone is lying you need only call out Truth Girl's name and she will appear…if she's not in school that day!  This four song CD is available for free download just like our first CD.    

My first CD, Kudzu Animals, was released in 2005.  My last release was 2011's Unhyphenated American.  I have a can full of recorded songs that I will eventually get around to mixing and releasing.  Meanwhile, the new songs continue to pour out and pile up in the file cabinets of my mind.

Living in Atlanta gives me the opportunity to occasionally do background work on some of the many television shows shot around our area.  Recently I have been in episodes of Lifetimes's Drop Dead Diva, Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse, BET's The Game and The Sundance Channel's Rectify.  It's fun work and it gives me the chance to be around some extremely creative people.